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Who is not a fan of Roblox these days? All of the kids are fans of Roblox and its games because they are so much addicting and with a lot of amazing features. BIG Youtubers like Inquisitormaster and ItsFunneh play Roblox games and have a huge fanbase. But some of the games of the Roblox are so much interesting that a lot of players play them. So in today’s blog, I am going to tell you about the Top 8 Roblox games with most players in 2021.

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Its Gamology

So here is the list of Top 8 Most played Roblox Games in 2021.


This video game is developed by Uplift games while it is published by Roblox Corporation. Although, the game was released in the year 2017 it later got updates for the players. The game can be played among multi-players through its online feature. Moreover, this video game was immensely designed for people to adopt children and pretend to be their parents and the latest update enables the adoption of pets as well. The adoption of the pets is done by purchasing them by the game’s virtual currency known as bucks. Adopt me! Can be played on several platforms like y Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.


This roleplaying game is created by Wolfpaq and was released in April 2020. The game is set to play in different buildings such as churches, playgrounds, stores, and educational institutes that are found in the developed towns. The vehicles and items used in the game are free of cost and this game does not include any in-game currency in it. This game is a role-play for like-minded people who like to hang out with each other. People can fulfill their desire of living in lush houses and drive the latest vehicle through this game. This simple game is compatible to be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Android.


The genre of this game is combat, grinding, and traveling. The game was released in January 2019, and it was created by Mygame43, which has also developed Gamer Robot and Elemental Battlegrounds. In the main storyline of this game the player must awake the blox fruit in the new or old world or they can either buy them from blox fruit dealer by spending Beli, Robux or Factory Raid. Trees and plants are also a hint to find the generated fruits. This adventurous video game is compatible to be played on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.


This game was created by Alexnewtron in the year 2016. This is a role-playing game with the genre of town and city. The main storyline of this game is about social hangout, you can do a variety of different activities with your pet also known as Meep. This game has a currency called coins that are used for the customization of your house in the game. This game includes fishing, playground, pet shop, furniture store, home decoration store, toys stand, etc. Meep city is the most visited game and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.


This is a Roblox game that is being created by Nikilis in the year 2014. The genre of this game is horror, which is based on Garry’s Mod game, also known as murder. Murder mystery 2 is the updated version and has become the most visited game in the year 2017. This game is consisting of 12 players including 1 sheriff, 1 murderer, and 10 innocent players. The sheriff does have a gun to protect the innocent players.


The creator of this game is none other than ROLVe Community and they created this amazing game in the year 2015. This it a first-person shooter game like the Counter-Strike video game. This game was last updated in 2018 that attracted a large number of gamers towards it. The story of Arsenal revolves around killing; whenever a player destroys another player or gets the assist, their weapon is upgraded to a new one. The game does include an in-game shop where players can buy cosmetics by using their battle bucks (game currency).


The genre of this game is fantasy with role-playing and dress-up. The game was created by Callmehbob also known as barbie in the year 2017. This game is available to be played on Roblox while the game was released with the name of “Fairies and Mermaid Winx high school”. The main storyline of this game is to dress up, role play or you can chat with the other players. You must gain diamonds to purchase your favorite items within the game. In addition to that, gamers are provided with the feature of teleportation so that they can communicate and keep the track of time.


It is also a Roblox game being developed by the Coeptus. The game includes the routine activities of a normal household near a fictional city. The game was upgraded according to the demands of the players in the year 2016. While the genre of this game is a simulation and life in the open world. Players must take care of the needs and moods of their character in the game, and the houses available in the game are fully customizable according to the choice of the player. Moreover, players can enjoy exploring the big city, they can make money, and also get additional skills in this video game.

Its Gamology Thoughts:

Well, there are thousand of games on Roblox to enjoy and kill your boredom, but these ones are too much addictive and players are always playing them no matter what.


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