Have you ever tried any VR game recently or planning to do so? If we look at the history of gaming, then you will observe that, since people have started playing different games, they are making them more and more advanced and amusing for the people to play. Also, the progress in technology has made it possible for people to make advanced and full tech-based games. Now games are not merely games, but full of modern science and technology. People implement their inventions and ideas in games that amaze the minds of players. Today, we will see that, what is the potential future of games and what can we expect from them, and how VR gaming is going to change the future of gaming. What is its main role.


Virtual reality is taking over the world now. This technology allows you to connect the real world with the technology and simulated experience is made for the users. It can be the real world or virtual world, but you just experience that world with this technology. VR is in its second generation and with each coming day, new products are evolved using this technology.


Curious people always want to know the exact origin of each and everything that is invented. Virtual reality is no doubt, a marvel of producers, but who initiated the concept and who was the first person to develop the first VR system is the important thing. It was in 1838 when  Charles Wheatstone gave the concept of Stereopsis, and later he was able to make the first stereoscope.

In 1935, American writer  Stanley Weinbaum, presented a model of VR in his short story Pygmalion’s Spectacles, in which the protagonist meets a professor who has invented really awesome goggles by which you can see, smell, taste and touch the things in virtual world. So it all begins with written your concepts.

Then it was 1956 when Morton Heilig, a cinematographer created the first VR machine known as Sensorama. This machine could fit four people at a time and you will be shocked to know that, this machine could give you 3D video, vibrations, sounds, and even smell. Can you believe it? We can agree with the fact that technology can be combined with senses to give you enhanced visuals and high graphics of the virtual world and also sounds. But smell? It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. Present-day VR is no doubt the best of bests in gaming experiences and to contact with the real world. But they still are unable to give the experience of smell by its users.

If we go back and see the concept given in the story of Stanely, he also included taste in it. No one is yet able to make a VR machine with smell and taste technology. If it happens the whole world is going to change. No one knows, people start to eat virtual food one day. It is possible because if you see around yourself, you can see the latest inventions you thought are not possible at all.

Then in 1960, the first headset VR was made known as the Teleshpere mask. It produced 3D visuals and sound effects. After that, many new models and each with the latest technology of the time, people started to develop and produce VR headsets.


VR is not affordable yet for many people around the world, but once it becomes common, then no doubt, all children are going to use it. Not only kids but adults who are streaming on YouTube channels and other social media platforms will become addicted to it. Also, once a useful invention is made, developers don’t stop. They will try to make the written concepts in stories a reality. It is likely possible that These VR systems could be used to eat, drink, taste and smell and feel the environment around you. And if that happens, this world is gonna change forever. Our next generations could be at a threat of being attached to these headsets all the time and not doing any creative or other creative work at all. They will be very far from nature despite being close to it. Nothing is impossible and it can happen.


Do you know, when a new thing is invented, what is the next goal of the developers? To make it feasible and available to everyone easily and its usage should be so easy that each age group can enjoy it. There are lenses that exist in the world, that act as binoculars, cameras, and video recorders. But that’s not enough. The concept of JUST A LENS is already given in a Korean Drama “Memories of Alhambra”, in which augmented reality is shown just by a lens in the eye. You might not be understanding it by reading. Just go and watch the game scene in this drama and you will be shocked.

You just have to put a lens in the eye and it will turn on by sensing you. After it turns on you real world around you shows the game character s and tools in the real world. Like if you are standing the super market in the real world, then by that lens, you are also completing a task of finding lost weapon may be in between the vegetables or beverages section. Furthermore, you may be fighting with a monster in the park physically, that is shown only to you. Isn’t it cool? Or there is a mission to ask something to a real person around you and that will be recorded in virtual system. I cant stop giving you examples here because, I am so much interested in this Augmented virtual reality that I want o use it now. But I will have to wait for the developers to convert this idea into reality.


VR is currently the most evolving technology and with this technology, you can have virtual meetings, virtual food, environment, and anything beyond your imagination. If Morton Heilig can produce a VR machine that made a technology to smell things around you, shown on the screen, then guys anything can happen for sure. Just start your research and develop the things that can change the future entirely.

Hope you had enjoyed by blog. That’s all from my side.

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