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Do you know, Cryptocurrency is taking over almost all the areas of life and if we talk about the gaming industry then most of the game developers are now thinking to incorporate Cryptocurrency and blockchain in their games. A question might be arising in your minds right now! Is Cryptocurrency the future of the gaming industry? To answer this million-dollar question, you must know the background of the Crypto World and its impact in almost all areas of life.


Who doesn’t want to buy the latest item launched in the game? Be it clothes, weapons, skins for vehicles, or furniture, or whatever, each gamer wants the best item for his gameplay. But it isn’t easy at all. You have to spend time playing games along with some handsome amount of money. Players need to be online almost all the time and complete their tasks to get a single favorite item. But if someone has money, they can buy it in a single click. But you know, nothing remains forever and there is invention and more creativity in the old ideas to make them useful for people. So cryptocurrency is taking its part to overcome this problem of gamers. BUT HOW?


If you are not interested in cryptocurrency then you should rethink it because the gaming industry is going to depend solely on it in the future. Some of you might be thinking that this is all fake and this statement is wrong but let me tell you Blockchains have already been used in many games and players are buying their items with their cryptocurrencies. The gaming industry was facing a lot of problems in regards to payment systems and making the method of payment for users as easy as possible. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies seem to be the best alternatives to these problems and in near future, almost all gamers will be using them.

If you are a newbie and don’t know much about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain then let me tell you that, Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency issued by different companies that can be used to buy goods and items but through a secure online ledger. What you have to do is to exchange real currency with this cryptocurrency to buy items or goods. This system of exchanging real money and digital one uses a technology called blockchain technology. Blockchain ensures the secure transfer of money and also helps to secure the online data on the ledger system and prevent it from changing or hacking. I am sure you must have a rough idea now what cryptocurrency is and how it is going to impact the gaming industry.


Before we talk about, how Crypto has its influence in the gaming industry, I will tell you how it made its roots in other aspects of life. You will see thousands of videos on Youtube and multiple articles on how to invest rightly and in which Cryptocurrency because there are thousands of them now, the biggest of them being the famous Bitcoin. People who are new in this Crypto World always hesitate to invest because of the potential loss of their money. But the masterminds are becoming millionaires by investing and trading through it. So it means you can get a lot of profit while trading with Cryptocurrency and have enough savings to invest at the best time.

Many companies have introduced some tokens as their cryptocurrencies by which you can buy and sell items online. Various companies with big names are using Cryptocurrencies like Microsoft, Overstock, Dishnetwork, subway, and many others. So you can see if someone is using it makes it sure that there is something useful that people are adapting it. Now coming towards games. The companies who develop games have full control of your data like your items and progress in games. They track your progress to reward your latest items. But some of them are thinking to use a blockchain system for the ease of players to buy items in games and sell to anyone else.


Anything is possible once a technology is introduced in the market. It is quite possible that, players will be earning cryptocurrency by playing the games. It is a total reversal of what we have told in the start of our talk that, Crypto will save time. But now we are saying that, Crypto will make players to play games all the time.. YEAH! The more you play, the more coins or token you get and more items you will buy due to which your skills in the games will be updated. So its a never ending system guys!


To teach the users how to use Cryptocurrencies and how to be master of trading in it, here are the top 5 games that are already teaching you to take interest in Cryptocurrencies.


The first game is Cryptokitties. This game allows you to own a unique cat. This game tells you how to use smart contracts, crypto-tokens and much more. Buy and breed cats of different colors and shapes. This game basically use Ethereum blockchain and you can learn to play this game from various Youtube videos.


If you want to play 1st blockchain-based mobile game, then Spells of genesis is the one. What you have to do is to collect, trade and combine unique material called orbs in the game to make a real powerful team.


Now Beyond the void is something very cool. Unlike Spells of genesis and cryptokitties, this game allows you to use cryptocurrency in it known as Nexium. Al the items you have in this game are registered by blockchain technology and you don’t have to worry about their safety. Isn’t it cool?


This game originally was not made for crypto. It was just like other games where you are an ordinary old pirate who has to survive no matter what. But the developers have brought ta big change in it. Now they are introducing a system of buying and selling items in the game to get the cryptocurrencies. This game looks cool guys. You must try it!


Now, this is the game that needs some intention for sure. It is a multiplayer augmented reality mobile game, where you can experience blockchain assets, world-building, geopositioning, and much more.

So this is how Cryptocurrency is going to change the world of the gaming industry in near future and you will be buying your next item maybe through Bitcoin! So if you are not interested in investing in Crypto yet, then think about it again because the world is changing so you should too.

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