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Top 10 Games like Mass Effect – Play best story-driven RPGs with impressive visuals

Are you looking to spend some quality time exploring with a rich story? Then you should try Top 10 Games like Mass Effect that are better alternatives to enjoy.

Top 10 Games like Mass Effect Overview:

If you happen to play the Mass effect series then you should be aware that this is the only game that can take hours to complete and we don’t want to lose any side quest as well. How long you’ve been searching for Top 10 Games like Mass Effect that offers you a better narrative in terms of story, graphics, customization, and muse more. It was quite hard to find games of this genre and I have saved your precious time as well. 

As a pure gamer, we all want to enjoy in-depth stories filled with impressive gameplay and realistic character build which offers us some great experience we simply want to play it on and on. 

Enjoy similar feel but with new twists and turns of Role-Playing genre

Have you ever thought about which is the game that is worthy of mentioning, am pretty sure, don’t? 

Mass Effect series is a game that gives birth to a science fiction theme and action originated third-person shooter. The futuristic setting what makes it a remarkable achievement and great action. 

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The tactical shooter is set in the galaxy to explore new planets and every adventure feels like a new surely experience gamers must enjoy. 

These games are made on the same role-playing game ideas but with a better story, similar mechanics, and much more.

Although these games are not copycat of Mass Effect, still share some similarities you don’t want to miss.

List of Top 10 Games like Mass Effect:

1) Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a fantastic game that offers amazing characters and visuals. the game may set in a fantasy dark world but there are many similarities you will find. Players will find so much fun discovering beautiful landscapes and more engaging stories. 

The level of details will leave you astounded. It is a must-play video game if you love action RPG. The combat system is smooth and responsive. You can customize your character the way you like it.

2) Dead Space:

Dead Space is another mind-blowing Sci-fi horror action-adventure RPG that surely gives you Mass Effect vibes. This game has a dark, twisted, and horror story that takes a lot of courage to play. 

One thing that makes Dead Space different is that this game is far scarier than Mass Effect. You can also call it the space version of Resident Evil but mixed with Mass Effect elements. This time you have to fight aliens in space and the game will certainly test your nerve. 

Give this try folks but just don’t scream while playing.

3) Alpha Protocol:

The alpha protocol is also a spectacular role-playing game that offers you action, stealth, and RPG elements.

Players will take on the role of an agent who is on a journey to deal with terrorists and corruption. 

The gameplay is very enjoyable and the story offers you so many different opportunities to clear missions. Surely you will find many mass effect similarities but still, it is an original game you all must play.

4) OSIRIS: New Dawn:

OSIRIS: New Dawn may not look a lot like a pure RPG like Mass Effect. But still, both games share a rich world filled with a high level of detail and atmosphere. This game is undoubtedly looking and played gorgeously. 

It also offers even more fun than Mass Effect. OSIRIS: New Dawn is an open-world survival game, as players have to fight and discover new alien forms. 

If you are a fan of science fiction theme then you must play to experience a new kind of story with great depth.

5) Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an incredible action-adventure role-playing game played from the first-person perspective. 

The game is a mixture of Sci-fi future that offers pure action with a deep story, superb gameplay, and astonishing realistic graphics. 

Players take the role of a character who has prosthetic creation of biotechnology and made it into a government weapon to destroy enemies and a clear mission that needs stealth, gunfights, hacking, and unlock an advanced level of skills. Just give this one a try and you will be happy to enjoy this visual marvel.

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6) Destiny:

Destiny is a well-polished RPG game that is played from one personal perspective. The game plays and feels a lot like Mass Effect. Players will also get to see two modes one is a story and the second is multiplayer. 

It is a game online game that offers you a lot of exploration and plays with your friends up to 4 players. There is a reason why Destiny has addictive gameplay you all will suck into this virtual zone.

7) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is my favorite pick on the list. The game has set the bar for action RPGs and also has a lot of similarities to Mass Effect. 

If you want a completely new level of action role-playing experience then the world of Witcher 3 will leave you no choice but to appreciate every detail from combats, investigations, landscapes, mission, characters, weapons, and realistic atmosphere with ultra-adventure experience.

Play as a powerful Witcher who hunts down witches, monsters, and other mythical creatures. This is the only game you dare not miss.

8) Star Wars: Knights of the old republic:

Star Wars: Knights of the old republic is a game developed by the same studio that made Mass Effect. It’s built on Mass Effect mechanics with a great story and gameplay. 

There is a saying Old is Gold, the game launched in 2003 and it has certainly aged a lot. But still, if you enjoy Star Wars games then you must check this one. This space-oriented action RPG still looks unique and cool. 

9) Fallout: New Vegas:

Who does not know about Fallout: New Vegas which is another excellent RPG and offers endless quests to explore? 

The post-apocalyptic setting still works a lot for the franchise and if you have played any previous titles, you will know how realistic the world looks. 

The mysterious environments and wastelands are waiting to be discovered. Advanced gameplay, different dialogues, and a Sci-fi environment make this one unforgettable experience.

10) Elite dangerous:

Elite dangerous is also a popular space action game. This will come out as a surprise that has a lot of similarities to Mass Effect. The complex story and Epic space to explore make this MMORPG a perfect alternative to enjoy. 

Players get to interact with many other characters with no limitations. Players will find fun and enjoyment in hours of diverse gameplay and exploring more than 300 million planets. You must play Elite dangerous as another space game you simply can’t resist.

Its Gamology thought:

These are your Top 10 Games like Mass Effect amazing single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes that will keep you busy and entertained for a long time, play them on your PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.


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