Wanna look at some history of gaming? From where it all started and who was the first person to develop a game. If you are truly a game lover, then you must be aware of a quick history of games. Now you must be thinking like me, the first game was developed on PC or Android. Aso, what type of game that was. How it all began that now we have reached to Virtual reality games, being physically not present but you get a fee that you are inside that beautiful world. So without further also, let’s start our history.


The oldest game known to be played by a man is Rolling Dice. It was discovered during an excavation by archaeologists in Southeastern Iran, a set of dice was discovered which was 3000 years old. So, it’s evident that those people were also familiar with playing games. We are not sure, what type of game they might have played with dice, but they might have enjoyed it a lot. It is also said in Chinese books that, Tiles game was introduced 2900 years ago and Dominos 1000 years ago in Song Dynasty.

It will be surprising for you that, Scrabble games liked by everyone are almost 5000 years old. rules of the games are unknown, but a “Senet Board” was discovered that is 3500 BC old. There is a list of other games that are dated back to ancient times like Chessboard, Carom board, and so on. So these were the games that are still played by people to relax and enjoy. but how all these games took digital place and people are separate these days to play games online. But how all this happened? Let’s take a look.


It’s the curiosity of each gamer to find out, what the first game was developed on PC. Who made it and what was the name of game? Let’s find out. The first-ever game was Bertie the Brain, which was the first-ever machine game developed by Josef Kates in 1950. After that game developed was Spacewar, developed in 1962 at MIT, by Steve Russell, in collaboration with other people. They designed two spaceships in the game named “Needle” and “The wedge” and while maneuvering, they are engaged in a dog fight. the weapons and other instruments are limited in both Spaceships. Humans have to control these ships. Ships can also collide with each other and there is much more fun. And the list then continued. There were so many ups and downs in the development of gaming history, but now you can even play games in Virtual reality.

History of Gaming- Amazing facts you need to know about the history of games [Ancient Games]


Do you remember the first game you ever have played on the Phone? Are you that old to hold the first version of mobile in your hands. Games used to be preinstalled in phones in earlier times and people used to enjoy those games a lot. The first-ever game was made in 1994, which was preinstalled in a mobile hone called Hagenuk MT-2000. And then the game most of you must have played in the famous Snake game.

And the list never ended. After the invention of touch screens and colorful androids, these games were preinstalled with colors in phones. And then most advanced game that are no different from PC games.


The only difference is the technology. People were as intelligent as they are today, just they needed modern technology to develop games like today’s games. For example, you can see that the Snake game played today is much similar to the one played on the old phone. Just the difference is of colors and extra features that require high RAM and Space. Another example is of Carrom Board. That was just black and white, with simple rules. The modern version of it has some extra features and rules and players can play with each other online. There is a huge difference of technology, but the concept is same.


Have you heard that ESoports is a larger industry than Hollywood? Yeah! you heard it right. Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, online gaming has emerged and became one of the highest-earning industries. Streamers continuously used to stream on the internet their favorite games and now more futuristic games are being developed. What can we learn and know from history is that, during the past two decades, the game has developed so much that you can even not predict, in the next decade, what is going to happen. You can just imagine that, if they are able to develop virtual reality lenses that will make another world around you and play certain games in it, then it will blow up the entire technological world. You can say, it will be a big boom in the gaming world. Imagine, you are wearing a lens and the world around you changes to another new world like a forest or a desert and you have to find a lost hidden weapon to kill your virtual enemies. Wouldn’t it be cool? You are exercising and walking by yourself while interacting with the real world along with your virtual world. It is basically called Virtual reality. So we can hope for better and more surprising games in the future.


Games are not limited to age. If you feel good by playing games on your device, then it’s a hobby for you. The history of games suggests that people used to play games in their home and it is noticed that, most of them were board games like carrom and other ones. The discovery of dice board during excavation reveals that people used to design and develop games with rules in ancient times. So, Games have their own importance. But yes, If you are a student and you love games, you have to prioritize your time for studies and games. From the history, and present scenario of the gaming industry, we can say that the future is bright and surprising for all game lovers out there!


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