Want to know who is the richest video gamer in the world? All of the gamers play games to pass the time and to see the new things uploaded in the games. Also, every gamer wants to kill their opponents first. But have you ever earned any money from the games? You will be shocked to see today’s blog post because, there are some of the gamers who are just playing the games, but earning a lot from them. So if yo uwant to know, who is the richest gamer in the world 2021, then get ready to be shocked.

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Lets Start the list of Top 8 richest gamers of the world 2021.

 1) Johan Sundstein:

He plays as the support captain in the game Dota 2 for the team OG. Apart from Dota 2 Sundstein also plays ‘Heroes of Newerth’. He started his career in 2012 from Fnatic, then played for Team Secret, and in the year 2015 he played for Cloud 9 and then currently he plays for the team OG. Sundstein is also known as the N0tail, and he started competing in the championships from the age of 15. He has been awarded two times in the international championship while he has won 4 times in Dota major championships. Well, he has a net worth of $69 million.

2) Timothy John Betar:

He is commonly known as TimTheTatman because of his online alias. He is American by national with followers of 6.5 million. The games he is best at are Counter-Strike and Call of duty. Betar started his career in 2012 by doing the live streaming of counterstrike on Twitch. Audio-Technia Corporation has sponsored Betar based on his incredible performance as an online athlete. He was nominated as the ‘content creator of the year’ by the game awards 2020. TimTheTatman has a net worth of about $8 million.

3) Sean William McLoughlin:

He belongs to Ireland and is famous with the name of Jack septic eye, as he injured one of his eyes in an incident that happened in a football match. He has gain popularity because of his vlogs on his YouTube channel ‘let’s play’. His channel has 27.2 million subscribers with 14.2 billion views. Moreover, McLoughlin has also introduced his clothing brand ‘Cloak’ for the extra source of income. Well, he has a current total net worth of about $25 million with an annual income of about $8 million.

4) Evan Fong:

This video gamer nationally belongs to Canada, he is very famous online with the name of VanossGaming or Vanoss. If we consider his profession so he will be known as a video game commentator, DJ, and music producer. Vanoss broadcast the live streaming of himself and other players while playing games like Grand Theft Auto V and Garry’s Mod. His other sources of income are composing music and work as a DJ under the name of Rynx. While Vanoss is also the creative director for Dead Realm and a voice-over for the YouTube series Alpha-beta and paranormal action squad. As he is the leading role in so many professions, so his total net worth is about $30 million.

5) Daniel Middleton:

Daniel is an English national and his profession is that he works as a YouTuber, Gamer, musician, video game commentator, actor, and author. He is famous for his services and commonly known as DanTDM. Middleton has done commentary for many games including Roblox, Minecraft, and Pokémon from his YouTube channels that you can find with the name of DanTDM, PokemonDanLv45, MoreTDM, and DanTDM Live. Although, his main channel has more than 18 billion views. The total wealth of Middleton in the year 2021 is up to $35 million.

6) Michael Grzesiek:

 Michael is a professional counter-strike player. He is also known as Shroud on YouTube. He has the channel on Twitch where he broadcast his live streams while playing counter strike and player unknown’s battleground, though his channel has recently reached over 9 million followers with 466 million views. Shroud started his career in 2013 with slow-motion then in 2014 he was on Exertus eSports, Manajuma, and compLexity gaming, now he is on Cloud9. He has a total net worth in 2021 is of about $12.5 million.

7) Mark Fischbach:

He is an American YouTuber, podcast host, video game commentator, actor, and comedian. In addition to that, he is the partner of fellow YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin in his clothing brand ‘cloak’ and the co-host in the Unus Annus channel. Fischbach has almost 15.9 billion-plus views and 29.4 million subscribers on his channel. Generally, the genre of his podcast commentary is about to let’s play videos and survival horror video games. He is famous on the internet world with the name of Markiplier. While the total net worth of Markiplier is about $28 million in the year 2021.

8) Preston Arsement:

He is very well known for his mine craft gameplays, Roblox and Fortnite. This YouTuber is famous with the name Preston, TBNRFrgas, or PrestonPlayz. He is one of the finest vloggers on YouTube with a large number of views. Preston was ranked on YouTube as the highest-earning vlogger. Other than YouTube he is also part of other social media platforms such as Twitch, Instagram, Tiktok, Merchandise, and Discord server so in total he is the sole owner of 5 channels. His most viewed channel TBNRfrag which means ‘The best never rest’ has more than 1.9k videos about gaming. Preston has an annual total net worth of about $20 million.

Its Gamology Thoughts!

I think all of the gamers should get inspiration from them and start earning money from games rather than just playing them. It would be great though!


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