What comes to your mind when you people talk about virtual reality? At the mention of virtual reality, many of us think of science fiction movies such as Minority Report. Nevertheless, the technology has penetrated deep and its application can be seen in critical areas of our daily lives such as medicine, education, video games, and several more. The reality is that this technology has come to stay. Are you planning to experience the World’s most advanced technology in the future? It’s not far guys when we will be wearing a lens to be in the mixed real and virtual world and interacting with both worlds at the same time. So we are going to talk about augmented virtual reality related to gaming in this blog. But what exactly is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) at a Glance

Virtual reality can be described as a three-dimensional (3-D) computer-generated, artificial environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.

With the aid of some special kits or devices such as the headset or goggles, the person is made part of an environment is will be able to manipulate some object in the environment.

Similarly, virtual reality gaming is the use of a three-dimensional (3-D) artificial environment in computer games. The environments are created and presented to the user in such a way that they displace the real-world environment, helping the user experience the virtual reality environment as real.

Reasons Why e-Sports Should Be Augmented With Virtual Reality

Considering the increasing yearning for a real-life gaming experience by game lovers across the world, and the giant stride being achieved in the area of technology, augmenting e-sport with virtual reality has become inevitable. The application of virtual reality should be encouraged in gaming for the following reasons;

Enhanced gaming-experience

Virtual reality and gaming are the perfect matches for game lovers who want to appear as a character in a game. For example, the technology opens up another dimension of entertainment by giving a user an impression that he is a rebellion leader or an imperial pilot in star wars. VR gaming is engaging and reduces the length of time you have to stare at your big screen.

An Exciting Way to Burn Calories

During gameplay, most VR games require the player to engage in some physical movements such as flapping of the hands and moving of the entire body. This is no doubt a healthier alternative to just sitting down on a couch for hours. While the intensity of body exercise during this process cannot be compared to that of the gym, it is an additional way of burning some calories.

VR Gaming Raises Your Creativity Level

Research has shown that VR gaming helps in improving one’s level of creativity and expressiveness. Virtual reality gaming helps the user to create his world where everything is possible and under your control. The entire gaming experience can raise your confidence level & boost your adrenaline.

VR Gaming Is a Potential Gold Mine

In the year 2020, the VR gaming market was valued at over $10 billion and is expected to grow in popularity. Also, the market is expected to grow annually at a compound growth rate of 30.2% from 2020 to 2027.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the increasing demand for virtual reality games and the milestone recorded so far in 3D effects, interactive graphics, and motion tracking.


With technology, nothing is impossible. Looking at the VR glasses headset, you can expect very BIG things from Augmented Virtual Reality. Before we discuss, what can you expect, let me tell you, when something new is created in the technological world, then its concept never stops. It is refined and developed into more and more advanced forms. So, the same is the case with VR technology. And you know, its impact is not only in the gaming world but in each and every field of science. Let’s get back to our main topic, that what is the probable future of augmented virtual reality in the gaming world.


Can you imagine to be running in a wild forest or feeling the endless beauty of an ocean while you are on a quest with your friend? Or there is a meeting with the pro gamers around the world and you are attending from inside of your room and you all are discussing the next game. Or you want to go to any country and you are not feeling to buy a ticket for it, enjoy the country visit from inside of you room, just through a lens. Cool! Isn’t it? Yo will not understand, what I am saying until this technology will take over the world.


Suppose you are wearing a VR lens in your eye and the game instructs you to find the lost historic weapon in the supermarket near your house. You have to find it before your opponent finds it out. For this quest, you have to go physically there and search the market to find it for the next war. You will find your virtual weapon in the real world. Are you getting it now? Maybe YEAH! So, if you are already into this technology, then you should try making this lens if you are also a professional person, but if you are just a dreamer like me, then wait for this technology to come and experience it.


Do you like watching cricket in the stadium or Football in the ground? OR you are die hard fan of baseball? Guys this technology is going to change the world of sports and games that no one can imagine. Just wear a VR lens and meet your opponents in front of you standing in your home lawn. Just start playing it and you are watched by world.


I believe that anything can happen, and technology is the example. Have you ever thought that Rover will reach Mars? It reached and also sending pictures on Earth from a very very far distance you can’t imagine. So what I expect from this technology is that, You can eat food in virtual world, you can smell your surroundings with this technology, you can hear the real voices and you can touch the real objects by this technology. Some of you might be laughing reading it, but it is possible and I believe it’s going to happen in near future.

I hope you have enjoyed by blog.


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