Do you remember the first game you have played and you just lost in the world inside it? You couldn’t help but replay it with the same spirit again and again? Yeah! Most of you must have that one game in your life that you can never forget ever. But there are some games that made the childhood of most of the gamers awesome and they still enjoy playing those old games. Kids were happily playing the same game again and again and were a good time. In this modern era, people have so many choices to play any game and most of them are exceptional, but there are some which can never be forgotten no matter how old these games are.
So here are the top 5 games of all time that are not easy to forget. But I would like to mention here that, this list is according to my personal choice and you might have some other games that you like the most. So without further delay, let’s find out why no one can forget these old games.


This is the game, no true or old gamer can forget because it made the days of some people enjoying the leisure time and forgetting all the sadness that exists around them. This is a 1985 game in which, Mario and his brother named Luigi have to travel through a kingdom named Mushroom kingdom to save a princess from Bowser, an evil King who cast a shadow over the entire kingdom with his army. Mario has to pass different levels and reach the princess to save her.

Are you also a fan of this game? Was it the first game you played that left you lost in that world?


This is the game that made the childhood of most people awesome and memorable. There are memes still roaming on the internet now and then depicting the map and the main character of the game. After the launch of the game, there were so many controversies arose due to the violence shown in the game. But after some time it was settled. All the parts of GTA are awesome, especially the latest one which is streamed by Big YouTubers. That is some kind of virtual world in it with roles to play. But this game, which was launched at first took the hearts of everyone.


Do you remember putting codes and changing your car to truck, monster, rickshaw, or van? Also, when you are playing with your friends on the same screen, that feeling cannot be compared to any other game today. All of the maps were memorized by all players and the background music was also awesome. Watching a cartoon and playing a game of need for speed in between with breaks is the most unforgettable memory for most gamers. It was released in 1994, and the last and latest version of it Hot Pursuit Remastered was released in November 2020. If you want to feel that old feeling of playing old games then do download and install this game specifically and enjoy your day!


I still can’t forget the day, I started playing Half-Life 2 and still I play this game once or twice a year. This is just not a game, but a story that you play and enjoy. Unfortunately, or you can say luckily, I happened to play its Episode 2 first, but that experience can’t be described in words. Alex, Guardian, those spiders, aliens, and freemen are unforgettable. Gravity Gun is the most beautiful thing in the game that Valve corporation has made. Besides it, the guns that you get later in-game at higher levels are unmatchable to any other game. Its Episode 1 is also amazing and gives real horror at some places in-game. I would like to say that, if you haven’t played this game, then you are not a true gamer yet. Though modern games are much more developed and it seems that you are in a virtual world, but old is gold and can never be replaced.
So, If you want to feel a real horror and scared moments when spiders and zombies come in your way and try to kill you, or when you are fighting the Crabs, then go and play this game once. We don’t know when Episode 3 is going to be launched, but fans are really waiting desperately for Valve to launch it soon.


Why have I placed this game at number one? I have played so many games until now in my life, but no one can beat Ubisoft in any way. Those were the same days when I played Far Cry 2 after Half-Life 2, and I was mesmerized by the gameplay and the features present in it. I can’t forget these word “5 minutes in this country, and it’s clear. things are about to go very bad…” These are the words whenever you open the game and play it. After far Cry 2, I played Far cry 1, though the Graphics were not so good in it, still it was difficult to complete due to the horrible monsters in it. Although all the parts of Far Cry are exceptional, the part you play for the first time is difficult to forget. What about you?



So, these were some of my favorite old games that I can never forget. You might have some others that you still play and remember the old times. Also, I forgot to mention the Solitaire, Yacht game, and other board games that I can’t forget. No matter how much new games are close to reality and graphics are fantastic, still, the old games had true stories to play, unique weapons to use, tricky levels to complete, and much more. Therefore, games like half-Life 2 and far Cry 2 need to be developed again and with new stories, so that gamers who love these games once again enjoy their new versions. I am not asking to make with high graphics or anything, just those games with some different stories.
Hope you have liked my blog post and many of you might have the same games close to your hearts. That’s it for this blogpost!

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