Are you one of the gamers who is playing video games as much time as you get the whole day or You are giving it the right time? Are you just playing and enjoying your favorite gameplay or also earning money from it? Is playing a video game your hobby or you are forcing out yourself to be in the competition with others? These are some questions, the answers of which you should know. Do you know, how much screen time affects your eyes, brain, mental health, and sleep? Not only you waste time by playing unnecessary games but also affect your health badly.

So, we are going to talk about, how much time you should play games and if it is your profession to earn money, what precautionary measures should be adapted to have good health. Also, we will discuss whether playing games are only a waste of time or it is just another hobby like cooking, gardening, reading, or traveling.

First of all, let’s talk about why video games are a waste of time.


When you play video games and get addicted to them, then obviously to complete the game or at least to gain a victory in online game, you will sacrifice your sleep. And that is going to affect your overall health.


When you are only playing video games all the time, then obviously you are not physically active and that means, you are going to be weak slowly and gradually.


When you only care about getting a victory in certain online games, then you will be anxious and stressed all the time. It means that you are eventually affecting your mental health ad peace. So play games just for fun and not for getting first place.


If you are too much inti video games, then you are definitely going to miss the most important things that are happening around you. It can be about life, family, friends and school. You will be missing so many opportunities that can make you more better in life. So keep balance in life and never miss the chances that are not going to wait for you again.

So it means that, video games are a waste of time if you are not keeping the proper balance in life for different activities.


Those times are gone when children used to play physical games and all day long without getting tired and their health was much better than today’s kids. Modern-day kids are addicted to android phones, Tabloids, PC’s or Laptops. There is no doubt, solving puzzles and leveling up in games have a positive effect on the brain. The brain works more actively in solving puzzles quickly. But, lack of physical activity badly affects the body and brain too. Some of the children are so much addicted that, they want to play games 24/7 if they are not asleep. It is very difficult to stop them from playing because of friends and classmates who are also discussing games all day long.

What kids learn in their early years of life becomes their habit, and you all know that it is tough to eliminate a habit and especially the one that is making you happy. If a certain habit makes you happy., it doesn’t mean that habit is good. Video games have a sudden reward. If you win, you feel happy and if you lose, your anger makes you play again. And children are more sensational and emotional to gain victory in games. And that is the reason that makes them play games all day long, which is making them slaves of screens. Their sleep, mental health, and routine are badly disturbed. Not only they are wasting time, but also, they are missing the opportunity to explore this beautiful nature.

So, does it mean that children shouldn’t play games at all? The answer is NO! Kids are more attracted to the things they are asked not to do. So, there should be a limit set by parents for children to play video games. They should engage them in physical activities more and more. So it depends on family and school that how they make children do more physical activities rather than playing video games all day long.


Habit, hobby, and addiction are three different things. Habit is what you can change slowly with time, hobbies change now and then depending on the situation and mood. But addiction is the thing that can ruin you. Adults and mostly teenagers are highly indulged in games these days. Each other person is streaming games on YouTube. Some of them don’t understand that it isn’t necessary that, you should follow and mimic others whatever they are doing. Like if there is a trend of making TikTok, then it isn’t compulsory that you also have to make a video on that trend. Similarly, if your friend or someone in your family is starting a youtube channel for streaming video games, then you don’t have to feel like you are far behind them and you should start streaming video games too. That’s not the right thing. However, there are people, who are born for playing video games because of their extraordinary skills of using the right technique of killing an enemy at the right time. They enjoy here games and are also earning money from them.

there are few lucky people in the world who are earning money from the profession that is their hobby too. Even though you are not earning from it and still playing video games to have a new experience of the gaming world, then you should set a time for them. Because, at the last, you have to do another job you are made for, for example, a researcher, teacher, doctor, pilot or any other profession, you will have to set the time for games then. And at that time, it will be very difficult for you. Also, competing with others in playing more games than them can make your sleep pattern disturbed. Also, lacking physical activities in your life can make you weak. So, you should maintain a balance in life.


Well! this is the question, each gamer wants to know the answer of. It depends on your other requirements and activities. If you are a student, then obviously, you should focus more on studies and games video games should only be played when you have nothing else to do. Still at a limit. If you are a professional video gamer, then yes you have to play it half the time of your day, but following the precautions to protect your eyes, brain, and sleep. If you want to earn some extra money from playing video games, then you will have to take care as if you stress yourself out, then it will have a lasting effect on your health.

So basically, it depends on your age, your main profession and your requirements. So you are a better judge of how to set the proper time for games in your life.


Although video games have no match and modern games are addicting, but it does not mean that you sacrifice your health, education, and other important life matters for mere video games. you should maintain a balance in your life for your hobbies and profession.

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